Friday, June 12, 2009

This pattern was named Kepler's Star by Gwen Fisher. I have been playing with similar patterns, although not on this scale. So this was still a challenge. Mostly it challenged my patience.

This bracelet took me more than 7 hours to finish. It also used up 10 grams of 11/0 and 10 grams of 8/0 seed beads, which was pretty shocking. I thought 5 grams of each would be more than enough, because it was so... full of holes. Well, it wasn't. It ate beads and thread. (Note to self: next time use cheaper colours if possible.)

I used a daring shade of light Ceylon periwinkle 11/0 seed beads with metallic plum iris 8/0 seed beads and 3 pieces of 6 mm round crystal swarovski beads.

By some twist of fate I had two buttons that looked the same (although I have bought them in different shops), and thus the question of the clasp had been solved.

And today I went to the shop that sold the buttons cheaper and bought buttons (with the same designs as the metallic looking ones I showed in a previous post) in twos and threes. In case I try this pattenr again. But seriously... ouch.

And this one was pure horror to make. 8 hours of work. Requested by my mother. I'm never gonna make another with 5 different colours. It hurts my eyes and my brain.

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